Nintendo switch games 2023 – Any WORTH it!?

once again have a look at some of the games coming out for the Nintendo switch games in this upcoming week.

In terms of dates we’ll be going from the 11th up until the 17th to see if there’s anything coming out that may be worth your time and money so which games are coming out for the switch this week well let’s find out.

1st Nintendo switch games.

Nintendo switch games
Nintendo switch games

The first of this week’s Nintendo switch games is “Titanium Houndsa 2D action platformer with a cyberpunk theme. 

The blurb says that you’ll be piloting huge agile exoskeleton suits in order to crush hordes of enemies. You are the titanium Hound pilot who wants to help those caught between the gang wars with monsters called Abominations hacked drones and crazed gangsters just the tip of the iceberg of the troubles on the horizon the action looks pretty frantic with your character seemingly moving at quite a pace.

So it’ll be interesting to see how that translates to the gameplay.

2nd Nintendo switch games.

Nintendo switch games
Nintendo switch games

Then we have next Nintendo switch game “life of Delta” a point-and-click adventure game from masters of the genre daedalic entertainment.

The story revolves around a great War, which has wiped out all of the humans with All That Remains on the Earth being service robots and humanoid lizards. That were born after the nuclear fallout you play as one of the service robots.

Delta who is forced to embark on a journey to find his lost friend and the game is made up of 25 hand-painted levels set across post-apocalyptic.

Japan there are over 50 mini-games to solve characters to interact with and fully animated cutscenes to bring the story to life it’s out on the 13th and it’ll cost 17 pounds 99.

3rd Nintendo switch games.

Nintendo switch games
Nintendo switch games

Also this week we have Nintendo switch games “Vernal Edge”.

A metroidvania with a pixel art style. You’ll explore the floating island of haricot both the town and the dungeons gaining more powers in order to get further through the pixel art environment the blood goes on.

To say that you can use your aircraft to travel to any Island you want and explore in any order you choose the graphical style is definitely appealing as far as I’m concerned and I’ll be keeping half an eye on this one it’s out on the 14th and it will cost 19 pounds 79 or your Regional equivalent.

4th Nintendo switch games.

Forth one is “CS concerto“of simulatrix.

Nintendo switch games

This is a 3D Arena Battle game. Where you’ll choose from a variety of characters each with different personalities and skill sets and you can fight in either 1v1 or tag team matches.

There is a visual nove  element to the game according to the blurb and you’ll be able to customize both your character and mech suit along the way this one releases on the 16th for 24.99 all your Regional equivalent but it does have a 10 discount available up until just before launch foreign.

5th Nintendo switch games.

The next release is “BackBeat” this calls itself a strategic puzzle game.

Where you’ll need to manage your squad resources and manipulate four threads of time to guide your bad through perilous predicaments.

It’s a character-driven story set in 90s Suburban America with multi-linear time-based environment puzzles with shared Squad resources and rewindable turns to optimize your Solutions. So another mouthful to say that this pays homage to 16 and 32-bit story driven games and there appear to be some turn-based mechanics at play by the sounds of it there is a demo of this one available.

If you want to give it a try first and if you like it you can get 10 off of the price by purchasing before launch day which again is the 16th foreign.

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